NEW LOCATION at The Wren's Nest, Dykegate Lane, Dingle Town



    Now you can learn Tin Whistle and Bodhrán
(and more besides!)
    In the Heart of Dingle, in lovely County Kerry!



I am pleased to say I have new premises.  The Wren's Nest is just a little further up Dykegate Lane from where the former Music School was situated.  In addition to music lessons the Wren's Nest offers an Espresso Bar, Café and Music Venue in a beautiful traditional building with a wonderful garden. 

So don't hesitate to call in where we can meet and arrange your lesson.  John Ryan.

                                                           Map showing the Wren's Nest and the Main Streets of Dingle Town.


Aside from its surrounding natural beauty and coastal splendour, Dingle is famously known for its traditional music.  Now you can participate in Irish music for yourself in a unique and completely enjoyable way by making a real start on learning to play the Bodhrán or Tin Whistle.  Whether you are visiting Dingle for just a day, or two, or planning for a longer stay, there will always be the opportunity for you to take part in a traditional music lesson while visiting Dingle.

For bodhrán groups up to nine persons, each learner will have the use of a Bodhrán for the session.  This makes it a great experience for anyone visiting Dingle in a group.  Of course more people can join in the session but then they will have to share a Bodhrán (and not by cutting it down the middle with a penknife!).

With the right teacher it is not so difficult to make a good start on the most accessible Irish traditional instruments, ie the tin whistle and bodhrán (and that’s pronounced bough-ron, the round Irish drum played with a stick).  And you can easily arrange a lesson by sending an email direct to dinglemusicschool@gmail.com or click on the link below. 

For learning, improving and established players we can offer tailor-made tuition to suit your needs.  You will be offered individual lessons on your chosen instrument at an hourly rate.  At present we can offer individual tuition at any level on Tin Whistle, Bodhrán, Irish flute, Irish Uilleann pipes (Uilleann = elbow) and traditional DADGAD guitar.

So come and join in the wonderful world of music making.  You will be surprised how much you can learn even in a very short time and you will quickly find out for yourself how good it feels to make your own start in learning traditional Irish music while you are in Dingle.

Simply click here to send an e-mail.  Tell me your interest and I will return details of prices and availability.

Let us complement the pleasure of your stay with an authentic music learning experience, and take something away with you that will stay with you forever.  I look forward to hearing from you.

John Ryan Dingle                                                                                                                                                                                                    

                                                                   Member:  DODINGLE.COM
                                                                                                                      DINGLE PENINSULA TOURISM